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As Alpha Phis, we take pride in the strong bond we share as sisters from the moment we receive our bids, to initiation, graduation, and beyond. You are not only joining a sorority, you are joing a sisterhood that is much bigger than just our chapter. Our motto, “Union Hand in Hand” truly exemplifies the encouragement and support we find amongst one another. From Sunday night chapters, to sisterhood retreats, to beach days on Zuma, Alpha Phis love and cherish every moment spent together. 



There is never a dull moment in Alpha Phi! Our calendars are constantly full, whether participating in a philanthropy, brunching on Malibu pier, exploring L.A., getting ready for formal, or hanging out on the beach - there is always something do to with your sisters! We pride ourselves on being able to balance our academics with a full social calendar. We host and attend a variety of events each semester including sisterhood retreats, parent brunches, mixers, philanthropies and formals. Below are just a few of our favorite events:​

  • Big/Little Reveal at Universal Studios

  • Bowling Mixers

  • Beach Trips

  • Mother/Daughter Tea

  • Sisterhood Spa Retreat

  • Dinner at the Penthouse

BIG & little

When you join Alpha Phi you don't only get a house full of new sisters, you also get one Alpha Phi who is there to guide you though life in Alpha Phi and at Pepperdine - a big sister. Our Big & Little program allows new members to become acquainted with their new found home in Alpha Phi while making lifelong memories. Your big sister is someone you can look up to and always count on for advice. The bond between a Big & Little is something that you will carry with you always and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself! Last year our Big & Little Reveal took place at Disneyland - stay tuned for an equally spectacular event this coming semester.


Because we are fortunate enough to attend a school with such a world renowned study abroad program we have to part ways with some sisters each fall, whether it be for a year or a semester, while they take on life abroad. Although we are always sad to have our sisters so far away, we love keeping up with how our Alpha Phis overseas are growing and flourishing in new cultures. Even though they are thousands of miles away, we still show our love to our sisters studying abroad through care packages filled with their favorite treats from the States! 

Pepperdine University

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